Nath Is Keeping A Keen Eye On Cafferkeys Case.

Ten months after she was discharged from a London hospital, the nurse fell ill with meningitis caused by a resurgence of Ebola hiding in her spinal fluid. Then in February 2016, she was readmitted to hospital for a complication related to the infection, doctors said. is keeping a keen eye on Cafferkeys case. She never had neurological symptoms when she was first ill but then she went into a coma nine months later and then recovered and then had new neurological symptoms affecting her limbs, he said. That was the reason I was interested in looking at these survivors in Liberia because I want to see, are we going to find that kind of recurrence there? Viruses that hide out in these safe places may reactivate at times of stress when the immune system is weakened or conversely, when the immune system is revved up and busy fighting another infection. Ebola virus has been found in the semen of survivors 18 months after the initial illness, a study published in August found. eye is another safe hiding spot for Ebola. When Croziers eye felt painful and changed color, he went straight back to hospital. Doctors inserted a needle into his eye and found more virus in his eyeball fluid than had been in his blood when he was close to death in the ICU weeks earlier.

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